Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye CD

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Kayo Dot used to be known as Maudlin of the Well, who were a avant-garde/classical leaning metal outfit. Wanting to move beyond that, they changed their name and direction and became Kayo Dot. This lists 10 musicians on guitars, cello, flute/clarinet/alto sax/Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes, French horn, trombone, violin/viola, trumpet, bass and drums. A lot of this is generally quiet and gothic with explosive riffing to shock your system. This was a very strange listen, but really well done and something that I need to hear more than just the once as I write this... "...their newest recording, over a year in the making, takes them into an adventurous new world where heavy rock and classical music meet ritual. Magical and compelling music from a young band breaking new ground in the rock world." [Tzadik]
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