Ciccada - A Child in the Mirror CD

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The first release on Fading, a new subsidiary of AltrOck, who aim to release high quality music that is more squarely in the progressive rock/symphonic rock vein, as opposed to their more usual eleclectic/avant-garde releases. They picked a good one to start; this has lots of (instrumental) allusions to Passion Play/Thick as a Brick-era Jethro Tull and the heady counterpoint of Gentle Giant.

"The music of Ciccada is a mix of rock, jazz, folk and Western European legacy from the middle-ages to 20th century. It is based on strong melodic lines and is mainly influenced by some fine progressive bands and artists of the `70`s like Alan Stivell, Spirogyra, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Renaissance, Strawbs, Curved Air, Hatfield & the North and classical innovators Béla Bartók & I.Stravinsky. The group was formed in April 2005 by flutist Nicolas Nikolopoulos (who also plays keyboards) and fellow guitar player Yorgos Mouchos. A little after, singer Evangelia Kozoni joined the duo and this is the core of the band until today. After a series of constantly changing line-ups, the act is consolidated with the addition of bass player Omiros Komninos in 2009 and with this formation, they enter the studio during July of the same year to record their music.. Amongst many guest participations there are special contributions from members of famous Italian bands Yugen and DFA."
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interestin symph prog from greece. Incredible production and mix. complex arrangements and influences from Renaissance, National Health and celtic-kind of prog. A stunning beggining for Fading Records which is a subdivision of the incredible Altrock label!
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