Stagg - SWF Session 1974 CD

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A completely fabulous find from Long Hair, this is a very good band who never recorded an album, but played often and now this professionally recorded live session from the mastertapes can finally be heard, 45 years later!

Manfred A Weisz-guitars, vocals
Joel Weser-organ, synthesizer, vocals
Freddy Hohn-saxes, flutes
Harald Wanka-bass, flute
Ulli Ost-drums

"Stagg, a quartet from Frankfurt, was one of the very best bands to record at the former German radio station SWF. Comprised of five impressive tracks, featuring flute, sax, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, the band's totally stunning 1974 session now appears! Fans of [among others] Gomorha, Thrice Mice, or Jethro Tull should definitely give these recordings, full of twists and brilliant melodies, a listen. This lost masterpiece includes the band's story and rare photos."
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