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These two guys left a hugely successful pop band (10cc) at the peak of their success to invent an ahead of its time music instrument device and to make a ahead of its time concept recording about ecological breakdown taking its revenge on mankind!
This is the original 3 album set, the ‘Music From Consequences’ single disc and a radio edit promo version of the album.

“42 years to wait for the first US/UK CD release of a cult classic? When you hear this, you'll be amazed that the world had to wait this long. Put simply, in my opinion this is the most ambitious, meticulous and brilliant piece of recording ever put to tape. Godley and Creme took their original concept of a promotional vehicle for their ingenious guitar-mounted Gizmo device, and let their imaginations run riot.
What they eventually created is a remarkable concept album, depicting the earth's four elements - earth, air, fire and water - rebelling against mankind's abuse of the planet. It's told through ground-breaking and startling instrumental movements and uniquely Godley and Creme songs, with the Gizmo providing a dazzling array of orchestral and atmospheric sounds.
Oh yes, and a three-side playlet involving five strange characters, written and performed by comic genius Peter Cook! Throw in an incredible duet between Kevin Godley and Jazz legend Sarah Vaughan, and you've got a package that can only be described as criminally overlooked and underrated. The expanded booklet here is a revelation too. Over-blown? Self-indulgent? Commercial suicide? Yep, undoubtedly; Consequences was all of these things. But this prophetic symphony to climate change is a conceptual, recording and musical masterpiece.”

“The album comes with an illustrated booklet containing a new interview with Godley and Creme and the original notes that came with the original triple album. The album has been digitally remastered and sounds fantastic on CD.
Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, devised and developed the Gizmo, a small box which clamped onto the bridge of the guitar and which mechanically bowed and vibrated the instrument’s strings thus allowing a violin and cello sustained sounds.
The album is a Radio play, a mixture of a Monty Python inspired comedy all written and voiced by Peter Cook.
Godley and Creme add special effects, ambient soundscapes, piano sonatas, jazz, hard rock, disco and music hall. It’s a bewildering but also magnificent, near-revolutionary instrumentation, and excellent melodies. This deserves to be played with headphones in a darkened room. It’s so welcome to see a reissue of a near forgotten masterpiece.”
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