Stirrup+6 - The Avondale Addition

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Fred Lonberg-Holm : Lightbox operator
Nick Macri : Bass
Charles Rumback : Drums
+6 :
Jen Clare Paulson
: Viola
Zoots Houston : Electronics
Keefe Jackson : Reeds
Russ Johnson : Trumpet
Peter Manu : Guitar, Violin
Mars Williams : Reeds

“There is lyrical exposition, exciting juxtaposition, lots of power tempered by long flowing lines and strong solos from Paulson, Jackson, Williams and Johnson. Macri and Rumback anchor the jazzy in-and-out rhythms and the improvisations move effortlessly, sometimes collectively, sometimes hard and fast, at other times supple and enchanting, resulting in a strong contender for Best Album of 2020.” – Steve Loewy / The New York City Jazz Record

The genre-defying trio Stirrup grow their ranks threefold on The Avondale Addition with the inclusion of six satellite musicians from across the jazz, experimental, and improvising spectrum to fill out, color in, scratch, and smear Stirrup's arrangements on the fly as conducted by Lonberg-Holm and his Lightbox.
The Avondale Addition is an amalgam of two of Fred Lonberg-Holm’s long-running projects: Stirrup, a genre defying trio who formed in Chicago in 2009 and his “Lightbox Orchestra”, a revolving-door project that began over 20 years ago as a way to organize and ‘conduct’ large, ad-hoc improvising ensembles using a light-based cueing system and cue cards. Typically, a Lightbox concert has no pre-composed materials, but for this performance recorded live at Elastic Arts in Chicago, compositions by members of Stirrup comprised a “book” from which the guest musicians (the “+6”) draw on in addition to freely improvising when called on to do so.
In effect, Charles and Nick continue to do things they might normally do on a Stirrup gig, but instead of Fred playing cello, he acts as a kind of improvising arranger stationed behind his Lightbox cueing station, with the invited guests taking on the melodic and soloist roles he might normally perform.

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Love this record! Fabulous recording of very adventurous modern jazz.
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