Romantic Warriors IV : Krautrock, part I DVD

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“During the first half of the 1970s, a number of West German musicians escaped the traditional rock influences of British and American bands and created a new way of making rock music. This movement, which involved a whole family of psychedelic, electronic, jazz, folk & rock styles without mainstream radio influence, came to be known as Krautrock. The Krautrock bands that pioneered this movement created something never heard before: They took the intense, untamed essence of the old gods of rock and roll, and infused it with a truly progressive and revolutionary spirit, spearheading the evolution of electronic music, techno, hip hop, ambient music, minimalism and avant-garde genres of music.
The fourth film in the series on progressive rock covers the origins, zeitgeist, and trajectory of the pioneering German bands of the 70s emerging from the Düsseldorf/Cologne region, and one singular band from Hamburg. This film is the first part in the Krautrock Trilogy.
Featuring: Can, faUSt, Damo Suzuki's Network, Electric Orange, faUSt, Floh de Cologne, Japandorf, Kraftwerk, Krautwerk, La Düsseldorf, NEU!, Wume”
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