Ravenstine, Allen - Nautilus / Rue de Poisson Noir CD

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“Composer, electronic music innovator and Pere Ubu's synthesist Allen Ravenstine returns with this collection of two EPs.
Using a singular blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, each track on Nautilus, weaves it's own wayward travelogue amidst stray bits of audio verité and wafting musical fragrances-by turns tropical and foreboding.
Rue de Poisson Noir takes cues from it's fragmentary companion both in palette and approach, slithering between cinematic intrigue, off-brand jazz, avant-garde mischief, and fried electro without ever batting an eye. Together they form a beguiling collection of hyperrealist miniatures that remains strange, restless, inquisitive and-most of all-evocative throughout.”
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