Allen, Daevid - DividedAlienPlaybax80 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Playbax Method
stage one:
certain rhythm tracks copied from mastertape of new york gong lp are cut into various multiples of bar lengths and spliced into loops which are then replayed onto playbax master into organised sequences/loop contructs:
stage two:
construct suggest fresh themes and treatments”

One of Daevid's better 1980's albums (this) was designed with a rich skien of background tapes over which he played live guitar.
I saw the tour he did based around the concept heard here and it was pretty awesomely great.
This has some really good guitarwork from Daevid (while he's never been a flashy player like Hillage, I've always admired his guitarwork on Camembert) and some extremely cool ideas in the background tapes. Highly recommended and in its use of prerecorded materials and beats, very, very much ahead of its time!
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