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“After all these years, it becomes clear that the relationship between Daltrey and Townshend -- the singer serving as the songwriter's best interpreter and editor -- is at the core of the Who, which is why Who feels like a Who album: The two still bring out the best in each other.”-AllMusic

“WHO is the Who's best album since The Who By Numbers over 40 years ago. Amidst a host of new Pete Townshend would-be classics, the capper is Street Song which could sit comfortably next to anything on Who's Next. This is an album that begs for a little volume. Roger Daltrey's voice is still amazing.
WHO is a stunning display of how for many of the '60s rockers rock 'n' roll is ageless. Only death do us part, and then their catalog will live on.”-Fran Coombs

“If this is the bottom of the ninth for Townsend and Daltrey then while not a walk off grand slam, it certainly is a win none the less. Lots of good songs to choose from and I think the subject matter deals with where Pete is in life so if you've aged with Pete and Roger, as most of the fan base has, you be able to relate.
Conversely, if you are a younger person you can easily trade off aging for life's constant change as the vehicle to enjoy the record.
This record is totally credible because it's not a bunch of old guys trying to stay young, as graceful aging is the theme here.”
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