French TV - 14 : All Our Failures Are Behind Us CD

Mike Sary: bass, loops, samples
Katsumi Yoneda: guitars
Patrick Strawser; keyboards
Jeff Gard: drums
Warren Dale: woodwinds, accordion
Ludo Fabre: violin
Apolline Pailler: voice on "from trunk to tale"

“I like to think this one will turn some heads, and hopefully not in disgust!”-Mike Sary

"Kentucky/Georgia/Tokyo-based band French TV are crashing the prog party once again with a new cd: "All Our Failures Are Behind Us". Will a band with so many accomplishments be embraced as prog's BMOC at last? If history is any indication, they'll be patted on the head and gently escorted out the back door and into the alley behind the party, where they'll plot their next brick to be hurled through the window. The new music is more melodic than ever, yet retains all the twists and turns a "normal" FTV tune takes, with violinist Ludo Fabre and woodwinds player Warren Dale being of particular note. Katsumi Yoneda contributes fiery yet memorable guitar, along with lovely Andy Summers-like textures, and Patrick Strawser adds keys as though a mutant hybrid of Kit Watkins, Jan Hammer, and George Duke. FTV music is often compared to a rollercoaster ride, but it's one with parts flying off, an unsecured guard rail, shaking runners, and all at night when you can't see what's coming next. And yet, once it stops and you've arrived in one piece, you can't wait to jump back on again for another death-defying spin."-Bob Schuoppe/MANGOJUICEONLINE
  • LabelPretentious Dinosaur
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