Karaba - Schwester Mondreal CD

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Some of you were lucky enough to hear Karaba’s vinyl-only release ‘Live in Vienna’, which was a powerful and excellent instrumental prog-jazz/rock album.
Well that one is their third release. This is the group’s second and it’s another really good one, combining Krautrock, jazz/rock and Canterbury stylings. And this one is on CD AND vinyl!

“So fucking good! At first, I thought they were some crazy prog band from '71 I slept on. Nope, just some kids from Munich doing this shit right! One of the best and most elegant free-form, jazzy, trippy, krauty (call it what you like) psychedelic albums I have ever heard. And I mean ever. Superb musicianship, superb production, great sound. Lots of fun, lots of vibes. Highly recommended!”
  • LabelKlangschutz Schallplatten
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