White Willow - Ex Tenebris CD (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"The 2nd album from Norway's seminal progressive rock group White Willow has achieved cult status, melding symphonic rock, folk rock and gothic atmospheres in a unique blend. The album is awash with vintage instruments like Mellotrons and Theremins.
Seven songs of melancholy and mysticism... White Willow's music embraces gothic, folk and classical elements within a progressive rock framework. The second release from Norway's White Willow carries on in the tradition of their debut Ignis Fatuus. Joining founders Jacob Holm-Lupo and Jan Tariq Rahman are new members Frode Lia, Sylvia Erichsen and Anglagard's Mattias Olsson. Also returning is engineer Jo Wang who's audiophile approach to recording has once again created a sonic masterpiece. Ex Tenebris features a dynamic mix - from moody quiet instrospection to heavy symphonic pyrotechnics. Perhaps more personal and focused than Ignis Fatuus, yet the album offers a more mature sound. Clearly one of the finest progressive rock bands currently recording.
This edition features never before heard bonus material and comes with brand new artwork. Originally released in 1998 on The Laser's Edge, this has been OOP for years. This expanded and beautifully remastered edition is released on Norway's audiophile label Termo Records."
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