Soft Machine - Seven CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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By this time (1973), the band were pretty much a straight-forward fusion ensemble with many of their biggest quirks and oddities excised. And all the quirky old personnel too, with only Mike Ratledge remaining (for the time being at least). Hugh Hoppper left and is replaced by the great (but not as quirky) bassist Roy Babbington along with Karl Jenkins and John Marshall. The band is now 75% comprised of ex-Nucleus players, and while they don't sound like Nucleus at all, they also don't really sound so much like Soft Machine anymore either!
This album was made very quickly to have a new album to support for a planned US tour that was cancelled and the band almost never actually performed this material live. The playing is very good throughout, and there are some very memorable melodies and nice Terry Riley influenced jazz/rock things, which I wish had been pursued longer by the later edition(s) of the band.
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