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First-ever release on vinyl! Includes a 12 page booklet that tells the story of this group and includes many photos!
When talking about the progressive rock revival that started in the early 90s, and especially when speaking of the bands of that time that emerged from Sweden, the names Anglagard and Anekdoten always come up, but Landberk, who were actually the first of the 90's Swedish bands to receive world-wide notice, when Laser’s Edge released their first album in a English language, international edition in 1992 (the same year as Anglagard’s first and the year before Anekdoten’s Vemod!)
The band were quite short lived as they were founded in 1992 and disbanded right after this album was originally released, and they only produced four albums, of which this was the last in 1996, before they dissolved and turned into Paatos, with two of the major players of Landberk (Reine Fiske and Stefan Dimle).
Their albums have all been out of print for 2 decades and, except for their first, never have appeared before on vinyl, so it’s nice to see some reissue action happen for these.

"There had already been a significant change in direction between Landberk's Lonely Land and One Man Tells Another, but nothing that could have foretold the Swedish group's third and final opus, Indian Summer. Shedding its progressive rock skin, Landberk reinvented itself as a mellow alternative-cum-intelligent rock outfit. Some people will be tempted to compare this album to Pink Floyd's atmospheric rock, but it has more bite than that, it is less-polished to the bone, more elemental and emotional, hinting at Radiohead's OK Computer a year before the latter came out. These are slow songs inhabited by understated melodies, atmospheric electric guitars, and slow, thoughtful solos. The album requires some getting used to, especially if you expect something in a more overtly prog rock vein. Tracks like "Humanize," "I Wish I Had a Boat," and "Why Do I Still Sleep" reveal their beauties after repeated listens, once you cannot get their melodies out of your head. "1st of May" and "Dustgod" balance the album by bringing harder-rocking moments, although the attention to detail and mood remain unchanged. The title track closes the album with a heartbreakingly simple guitar piece. This album was cruelly overlooked because, coming out of the '90s prog rock network, it was dismissed as being too uncharacteristic by the fans and yet it was unable to reach the wider audience it was targeting. It deserved to succeed -- you deserved it."–Allmusic
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