Soft Machine - Six CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Licensed from SONY, this is a legit version that is sonically the exact same thing as the latest SONY issue, now out of print.
This was the last release that included bassist/composer Hugh Hopper, & the first that includes Karl Jenkins who replaced Elton Dean. Still on board are Mike Ratledge and John Marshall. Karl Jenkins (along with John Marshall) came in from Nucleus and the band begins to have a bit more of Nucelus' sound.
Originally released as a two lp set, the first lp was a live disc of the band's new repertoire (only one song from 5 and nothing from earlier). Pretty fine in a more 'standard' 'jazz/rock in 1972' kinda way; this was probably the closest they ever got to sounding like Weather Report.
The second lp was a studio disc of more distinctively Soft Machine-style recordings - a little more "Terry Riley meets fusion", which I always really liked a lot, plus Hugh's final, really weird contribution to the band, "1983".
The entire double fits on one CD.
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