King Crimson - Lizard: 40th Anniversary CD + 5.1 / hi-res DVD-A (expanded / remixed / remastered)

Their underrated third album and my 2nd favorite acid album back in the day (along with Soft Machine's Third [FACELIFT, dude] and We're Only In It For The Money; I guess I was into scaring myself!). "The black abyss where jazz and rock meet", it was called by some UK weekly music rag. Yeah, baby. Bring It On!

An album that really doesn't sound like any other album in the K.C. cannon. Robert has famously always hated it and now in the notes he says he likes it.

This features an entirely new 2009 remix by Steven Wilson and 3 bonus tracks. The DVD-A has a 5.1 remix, as well as the original 2004 master edition and the 2009 stereo mix and the bonus tracks. A great line-up of guests: Keith Tippett, Marc Charig, Nick Evans all play their asses off. A album that time has allowed to ripen and a very fine, very, very experimental/out work.
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