4 Walls - Which Side Are You On

A question which seens to be asked a little too often these days. 4 Walls is the mostly improvised quartet of Luc Ex-double bass (ex of The Ex), Phil Minton-vocals, Michael Vatcher-drums and Veryan Weston-piano. "It is extremely difficult to define the music of 4 Walls. The beauty and the musical tension seem very right exits of a logical assembly of learnedly repeated pieces and total improvisation. 4 Walls created its own intriguing universe of noises and melodies and succeed in at the same time balancing perfectly dynamic musical the most heteroclite. You will hear the beautiful one and of the melancholic person, dark cords running up of the humorous parts; menus sounds entrechoquant of enormous fragments of crude energy and sound."
  • LabelOrkhestra
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