Abbasi, Rez / Junction - Behind The Vibration

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“Producing so vivid a music that it can almost be tasted, Abbasi sounds like no one who has gone before him. His compositions are sheer genius...” – All About Jazz

“Behind the Vibration is a collection of new music that seeks to answer the question: What might a modern jazz album sound like in the hands of contemporary musicians employing a breadth of influences and current technologies? More often than not, musicians I play with have a developed and deep understanding of the jazz canon, yet also equally admire music vastly different than jazz. The members of Junction embody this epitome. Individually our present schedules include performing in a variety of settings from pop, heavy metal, electronica, Carnatic, Indo-sub-Saharan African, qawwali, jazz and more.
It was time for all these musical worlds to collide. Junction is where it all meets. It is my most inclusive project to date in terms of engaging diverse musical influences and technology. For me, this is 'music of now.'” – Rez Abbasi

Rez Abbasi – guitar and compositions
Mark Shim - tenor saxophone and midi wind-controller
Ben Stivers - keyboards, B3 organ, Rhodes piano
Kenny Grohowski - drums

A junction is the point at which several things converge. For the visionary and award-winning jazz guitarist Rez Abbasi, his new band Junction weaves together musical currents he’s spent his career navigating. Abbasi has been at the center of some of the most enthralling and culturally expansive music of the past two decades, and Behind the Vibration introduces a bracing new body of music, a sinewy 21st century approach to jazz-rock inspired by his far-flung influences.

“Everything I do musically is stimulated by call and response,” Abbasi says. “The new album reflects a continuum of what I’ve been doing all along – finding fresh orchestrations to present my music through. In some ways this project connects me more directly back to my first love, the energy that comes out of rock music.”

Junction is a supremely maleable ensemble that has forged a poised and texturally accute group approach. While exploring a vivid palette of electronic sounds and aggressive grooves, Junction maintains the dynamics, precise calibration, and interactive imperative of an inspired jazz ‘acoustic’ combo. This is exciting, electrifying (and electric) music.

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