Abrams, Muhal Richard / George Lewis / Roscoe Mitchell - Streaming CD

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"A recording by Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, or Roscoe Mitchell is occasion for notice and celebration.A recording by all three of them together is a historic musical moment.Abrams, founder of the AACM; Mitchell, founder of the Art Ensemble of Chicago; and Lewis, recipient of the MacArthur Grant’s “Genius Award”–together on record for the first time as a trio! Enough has been written about these three men to fill volumes of jazz and creative music history books, but it is the musical documents that tell us the most. Here, we have five pieces recorded in Spring 2005 that explore elements of interest for all three composers: electronics, open playing, contemporary classical, jazz, and the use of space.“Scrape” features each artist performing on his instrument of notoriety: piano, trombone, and sax.“Bound” is a duet between Mitchell and Lewis, with the latter working on his sampling and electronics gear. As the music segues into “Dramaturns,” Abrams opens with a playful descending line beginning a duet between himself and Lewis.The final two tracks feature trio music that incorporates percussion and bird sounds, and all three men embrace the moment as the historic occasion that it was. Pi Recordings takes great pleasure in releasing this music.The label hopes that it is not the last time that they have the occasion to do so, but they are happy to say that there is enough here to satisfy."
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