Aeby, Stefan - To The Light

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Stefan Aeby: Piano
André Pousaz: Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums
“Acclaimed Swiss pianist and composer Stefan Aeby presents with his trio his debut on Intakt Records as a bandleader. His excellent new album "to the light" with bass player André Pousaz and drummer Michi Stulz has a clear, unique identity. The trio follows a free vision of minimal sound art, leaving space and time to react to each other, and to revel in the sounds.
Florian Keller writes in the liner notes: "To build their multi-layered sound architecture, these three music fanatics avoid the weight of the monumental, instead using their atmospheric musicianship to create a soundtrack for the poetry of the unobtrusive. The magic of this expansive music lies in a courageous aesthetic of modesty, which favours fine-fingered sensitivity over the muscular gestures of musical high-performance sport, and thus a statement against the thundering excesses of spectacle. Yet this graceful sonic art is indeed spectacular in its filigree way. Unpretentiously, the trio have cultivated a kind of gallant tiptoe. The principle is to play softly and generate tension walking on velvet paws. This urgent ensemble music often creates its magic through a calmness bordering on silence.’”
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