Ainur - War Of The Jewels CD

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“It's been 17 years since AINUR decided to turn Tolkien's masterpiece "The Silmarillion" into music. Each member of the band was immersed in their own compositional emphasis, inspired by Tolkien mythology. As if hypnotized, they began to compose profusely all the themes of the main characters, and began to imagine the colossal concept they have been working on so far. The eagerly awaited new album "War of The Jewels" is released by Rockshots Records, and sees the band embark on an interesting evolution from previous releases. The compositional process of "War of The Jewels" was very long. It started in 2009 (or even earlier) and ended less than a year ago. Ainur see this as the album of rebirth. They worked, composed and arranged relentlessly to create the best Tolkien tribute they could do.”
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