Akbayram, Edip - Edip Akbayram 2 x CDs

"Edip Akbayram is one of the top three legendary Turkish psych musicians, alongside Erkin Korayand Baris Mancho. When it comes to mind-destroying eastern-tinged psychedelic rock, Turkey is the most intense country of them all and this massive 2CD is one of the best documents yet to emerge. Officially licensed from Edip Akbayam directly, this represents his first CD recordings to be readily available for Western society. This release includes the best psych tracks from his first two albums and many singles — 22 tracks, 90 minutes of music. His band Dostlar formed the songs into something which takes you on an Eastern trip, full of fuzz guitar, electric sax and great percussions. Edip’s dark voice makes you shiver and you feel like dancing right away. This is as good as Erkin Koray — deeply spiritual and charged with politically powerful lyrics."
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4.5 stars actually. Although this starts with a Santana riff, it is more popular Turkish rock than what we'd (US/UK) call psych. That said, what we'd call psych IS pretty much like Turkish rock (and not trad. Turkish music). I plead guilty to quibbling. I love this stuff. I'm glad I finally ordered this off my wish list. I suggest you do the same.
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