Angeli, Paolo - Bucato

The first release on ReR by this quite amazing guitarist and how most of us first heard of him. Even with all his other releases, this one is still amazing and is recommended!
This is an album of solo guitar music performed on the 'Giant" Sardinian guitar, which is sized somewhere between a conventional guitar and a cello and is tuned lower than a standard guitar. Paolo has taken this folk instrument and has completely rebuilt it. There is a large mechanical claw stuck onto the side of the body which he uses to pluck counter-melodies, piano-like hammers, operated by foot pedals, which strike the strings, and lastly, many extra strings as well as 13 pickups and microphones have been added to further extend the possibilities of what Angeli and his instrument can do.
This is made up of live recordings, recorded without overdubs (although there are different concerts all edited together, but in a very seamless fashion) of Paolo and his extraordinary instrument.
An extremely interesting and sometimes extremely beautiful album of solo guitar, which comes highly recommended to fans of Derek Bailey, Steffen Basho-Junghans, John Fahey, Janet Feder, Henry Kaiser and Hans Reichel.
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