Anima - Sturmischer Himmel

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This reissues the first Anima lp, which originally came out on Ohr in 1971, and must have filled many unsuspecting, tripping 'heads' with bummers, dude.

"The duo of Paul and Limpe Fuchs were amongst the most experimental to emerge out of the late-60s and become involved in the Munich underground rock scene. Elitists, and pure avant-gardists at heart, they worked with all manner of conventional and home-made instruments, performing wild and demanding music. Strmischer Himmel,recorded at a '1000 year old cottage on a windy hill' with their children, is amongst the oddest of albums. Bizarre creative music it certainly is, but Krautrock it is certainly not! Paul Fuchs: Fuchshorn, voice, cornet, bass. Limpe Fuchs: voice, drums, Fuchszither, Fuchbass. Exceptional."
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