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Archetti, Luigi/Bo Wiget - Low Tide Digitals III

"This is the third and possibly final installment in the Low Digitals series by non-Norwegians Luigi Archetti and Bo Wiget. Low Digitals is a series of extremely fine-tuned pieces that mix acoustic instruments and electronic elements in a subtle and unforced way. The third volume is an album of sensitive, electronically-tinged free improvising, and is the work of two Switzerland-based musicians, guitarist Luigi Archetti and cellist Bo Wiget. Archetti was born in Brescia, Italy, but has been a resident of Zürich for more than 30 years. He's a multimedia artist, well-known for his work as both a painter and as a musician. Active in both free improvisation and experimental rock since the late 1970s, Archetti joined the influential German psychedelic band Guru Guru in 1990 and he has since appeared on three new albums as well as a live album. Bo Wiget was born in Wattwil, Switzerland in 1971 and studied classical cello in Austria at the Feldkirch Academy. Over the last decade, he has worked with numerous improvisers including legendary Swiss free saxophonist Werner Lüdi, Czech singer and violinist Iva Bittova and Japanese guitarist Taku Sugimoto. Wiget also works occasionally as an actor. Bo Wiget first played with Luigi Archetti in 1995 in the improv band Affront Perdu before the Archetti/Wiget duo was launched in 1998. Luigi Archetti: guitar, mandolin, electronics; Bo Wiget: cello, electronics, vocals."

"The fusion of the mechanical and the organic is sensual, thrilling and mysteriously moving."-The Wire

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  • LabelRune Grammofon
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