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This is the first time that this classic, Swedish symphonic rock band, who only ever released this one album, have had this reissued on vinyl in 45 years!
This Swedish instrumental quintet who had formed in Malmo in 1974, had two keyboardists, guitar, bass and drums. Their sound was obviously influenced by Selling England-era Genesis, and if you love that sound, this has much to commend it.

“The 1979 album 'Blå Vardag' by Atlas is in every way indispensable when looking at the progressive music history of Sweden. Their sole album is combining the almost Zamla-esque playfulness on tracks such as 'På Gata' with intricate, mellow melodies on 'Blå Vardag' and 'Den Vita Tranans Väg' while infusing heavy organs, carefully refined guitar riffs and fantastic synthesized soundscapes.”

"This Swedish obscurity is a real masterwork of symphonic prog with a few light fusionesque touches. Breezy, cheerful, and winsome, this band whips through complex dual-keyboard arrangements with ease. The second track, "På Gata", has got to be one of the best late-70s symphonic prog pieces: the first ten minutes are dominated by highly complex and fast-moving keyboard and guitar lines, and the last four feature a nice, laid-back, jazzy groove that forms a nice counterpoint to the earlier frenzy...A more common comparison is to instrumental Genesis. In any case, there's lots to like here."-Brandon Wu/Ground & Sky
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