Aurora Lunare - Terzo Luogo CD

Mauro Pini - vocals
Stefano Onorati - piano, synth, electric guitar
Luciano Tonetti - electric bass, ukulele
Marco Santinelli - drums
Alessandro Corvaglia - vocals
Raffaella Izzo - vocals
Gianluca Milanese - transverse flute
Giuseppe Tonetti - bouzouki

“After the homonymous first album (2013) which celebrated AURORA LUNARE of the 70s, and the interlocutory "Translunaggio" (which paid homage to important progressive bands), the band from Livorno returns with "Terzo Luogo": seven totally new songs, which contain the magic of a past (clear echoes of the historic Italian progressive) that has been able to renew itself brilliantly, with surprising freshness!!!
"Third place as a middle ground between life and death, forgiveness and damnation, hell and heaven, the human and the divine, like a "third eye" capable of reading the subconscious.
Not a compromise, but a path that climbs between existential questions and the painful hope of redemption with literary references (from Canto IX of Purgatory, to the symbolic esotericism of D'Annunziano), mythological and astronomical.
In sociology today we talk about the Third Place as an alternative in balance between the place where one works and the one where one usually lives, therefore referring to an environment in which one can meet with others and feel at ease (then also a center commercial, a bar, a square, social media or ... the metaverse?!).
10 years have passed since our first CD, interrupted by the halfway parenthesis of the tribute album to some authors and musicians from the progressive world (Translunaggio). In fact, some pieces of this unpublished work date back as compositions to that period while others were written more recently, including the final track which is also the last in order of creation.
In any case, in the end, we made it and the indomitable spirit of prog prevailed once again".”
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