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Aurora Project - Shadow Border

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"Shadow Border is the second album from Dutch progressive rock band The Aurora Project. Their 2005 debut, Unspoken Words, brought them much acclaim in the worldwide progressive rock community. The band has twice been invited to perform at the prestigious ProgPower Europe festival in Baarlo, Netherlands. After the demise of their record label, the band signed with The Laser’s Edge in 2008. TAP creates atmospheric progressive rock with a metallic edge – this is contemporary music for a forward thinking audience. Liquid keyboard solos duel with heavy, crunch filled guitar riffs. Vocals take a theatrical approach ultimately reminding us that this is after all a prog band. Their ability to skillfully blur the fine line between prog rock and metal creates strong crossover potential that will find The Aurora Project appealing to fans of Riverside, Rush, Arena and Porcupine Tree."

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  • LabelLaser's Edge
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