Ayler, Albert - Live On The Riviera

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Recorded July 25th, 1970 during Ayler's final concert series. Quite good sound quality for something was sitting in the vaults for 35 years and a minor revelation! Albert Ayler (tenor saxophone, soprano, musette, vocal); Allen Blairman (drums); Steve Tintweiss (double bass); Mary Maria (vocal, soprano saxophone).

A previously unreleased recording that came out out and then dissapeared rather quickly and is back for ESP's 50th anniversary.

"This Albert Ayler concert performance was previously unreleased when the revived ESP label put it out in 2005. Performed a few days before Ayler's final recordings, it features the avant-garde innovator romping with bassist Steve Tintweiss and drummer Allen Blairman in a quartet augmented by singer Mary Maria. Unfortunately, Maria's contributions lower the quality of the performances a bit for her singing on half the numbers and chanting on "Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe" is an acquired taste and slightly inhibits the other musicians, taking up valuable space. She also plays soprano on one number. Ayler himself is in excellent form throughout, best on the playful "Birth of Mirth" and his theme song, "Ghosts." Bassist Steve Tintweiss and drummer Allen Blairman work well with Ayler, making one regret that this group did not last longer and record a full set as a trio."-Scott Yanow/All Music Guide
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