Ayuo - Izutsu

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''Ayuo (whose name translates as Fish-Light) is one of the most enigmatic figures in Japan, as unique a figure as Moondog, Sun Ra or Haino Keiji, with whom he occasionally collaborates. Ayuo's music is a delicate balance of world music traditions, new age, improvisation and classical composition. Drawing upon his love of the Celtic tradition as well as that of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, China and his own native Japan, Izutsu has a charming, mystical quality: hypnotic, sensitive and alluring. A one-act opera based onan ancient Noh play and scored for Celtic harp, hurdy gurdy, sitar-guitar and traditional Japanese instruments, this is Ayuo's masterpiece. Timeless music from one of Japan's maverick individualists who has been walking his own path without compromise for over twenty years.'' [Tzadik]
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