Balkan Playboys - Balkaninis CD

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Who are the Balkan Playboys? Just the umpteenth artistic metamorphosis of mercurial Nikola Parov, the multi-instrumentalist who over a long career has founded and directed a number of great outfits including Zsaratnok. Parov has always had a clear Idea of what he wants to do with folk music. While appreciating the importance of conserving tradition, he's not interested in simply discovering and amassing tunes from the past but in working them over and fitting them out for today's mutant music scene and a new posterity. His new acoustic quintet, the Balkan Playboys skip agilely across the whole Balkan territory from Hungary and Romania to Bulgaria and other lands rich in musical ore and lore that to this day form an essential part of the vitality of the communities who live there.
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