Barker, Andrew / Paul Dunmall / Tim Dahl - Luddite

"Luddite is a new album of propulsive, free-ranging improvisations from veteran British saxophonist Paul Dunmall and heavyweight NYC drummer Andrew Barker (Gold Sparkle Band, William Parker's Little Huey Orchestra), alongside innovative bassist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse), who is featured here on roughly half of the pieces.

Luddite is the second document from Dunmall's 2012 visit to New York City for the Vision Festival, following Chamaeleon (New Atlantis, 2013) by the Edward Ricart Quartet + Paul Dunmall, comprised of Dunmall and Barker with guitarist Ed Ricart, bassist Jason Ajemian, and the great trumpeter Herb Robertson. Luddite was recorded the day after Chamaeleon, and represents one of many unreleased archival recordings tracked by Barker in his Williamsburg studio. Heralded as "the savagely sharp drummer" by Time Out NY, Barker is best known for his power and versatility, and his connection here with fellow Brooklynite Tim Dahl and master improviser Paul Dunmall is in heavy exhibition throughout.

From the outset, Barker's tom-heavy rolls unfurl relentlessly, augmented by the seemingly-octapedal dynamism of his hi-hat, snare, cymbals, and the round, cavernous punctuations of his kick drum. Dunmall is a singular figure in the world of improvised music, who manages to continually ratchet the intensity of the music without compromising his devotion to melodic continuity. Like Barker, Dunmall has built a new lexicon of expression on his instrument, informed by improvisors from the US and across the pond, while retaining a strong foundation in the tradition and history of the music. Here, atonality and arcing melodicism are employed to masterful effect. Even at its most free, the music swings, throbs, and breathes. The deep well of energy on display is a function of the natural prowesses of the musicians, and the result is devoid of the contrivances, cliches, and posturing that is all-too-common to energetic improvised music.

Luddite is a fine document of some of the finest improvisors on the scene, firing on all cylinders. Records like this gracefully accommodate the rich history of the music, while setting the bar at an unattainably high level for most mortals. Grab your copy and tell your friends."
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