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Battle Trance - Blade Of Love

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"A tenor saxophone quartet, formed by Travis Laplante. One morning, Travis Laplante literally awoke with the crystal clear vision that he needed to start an ensemble with three specific individuals Matthew Nelson, Jeremy Viner, and Patrick Breiner. Laplante was actually unfamiliar with their work as musicians and had only a minimal relationship with them as individuals. He was also aware that a band of four tenor saxophones could be the worst idea ever. In spite of this, Laplante followed through and contacted Nelson, Viner, and Breiner. He gave them very little information beyond his morning experience. But no one hesitated - the ensemble formed that evening."

"The saxophone quartet Battle Trance is following up on their highly successful debut album, Palace of Wind with Blade of Love. The quartet has spent hundreds of hours together, deepening their musical and personal connections. They've toured in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Montreal, Vancouver and most places in between."

"The most torturous and demanding compositional experience of my life...It's painful for me to try to explain what this music 'means', because in a sense it has no meaning - and at the same time, it means everything. I just hope Blade of Love will release something in botht he listener and the performer's hearts. It doesn't ask for anything in return"-Travis Laplante
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