Baum, Jamie - Solace

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Think of this as a Cuneiform release that got away from us but that should NOT get away from you! Composer/flautist Jamie Baum has been making records for at least 10 years or so, but it wasn't until this album was pitched to us by her that I really got to know her music. She's a fine player, but much more importantly, she's a great composer, composing for the strengths of her excellent ensemble: Jamie Baum-flute and alto flute, Ralph Alessi or Shane Endsley-trumpet and flugelhorn, Doug Yates-alto sax and bass clarinet, Vincent Chancey-French horn, George Colligan-piano, Jeff Hirshfield-drums and Johannes Weidenmeuller-bass. I mean it as a very strong compliment when I say that you'd never know that the flute player was the composer; she makes the music work and doesn't worry about whether or not she's getting lots of solo space. Basically, this is intricately composed, superbly performed chamber jazz that swings! I fell in love with it from the first I heard it. Sadly for us, Jamie went with another label, but we had a nice number of conversations and I'm thrilled that it came out and we can carry it. I recommend this one just as highly as if we *had* put it out; I can't say anything nicer than that!
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