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My old pal Shawn Persinger (guitarist/leader of Boud Deun) recently played at SXSW and he was part of a local 'weirdo bands' showcase and he played with a bunch of great bands, all of whom he told to contact us and all of whom were great and Bee vs. Moth were one of those bands. Bee vs. Moth hail from Austin, Texas and are an instrumental 5 piece performing on trumpet & cornet, baritone & tenor saxes, guitar, electric & upright bass and drums & vibes. Their music has been described as a mix of Ornette Coleman and Television(!!), which is a pretty funny description and might even be true in this instance. Unique and very good.

"Our second studio release. More instrumental accidents from Austin, TX. Sounds on the record range from the traditional to the unusual: upright bass, accordion, trombone, flute, slide whistle, vibraphone, and a historical oddity called the intonarumori. Musical surprises await inside."
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