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Originally released in 1975 on the French Pole label, this classic electronics-oriented film soundtrack is reissued on vinyl.

“Besombes was commissioned by the filmmakers' collective Pattern to write and record a soundtrack for their 1973 project, Libra, and the young electronician dove in headfirst, crafting a song cycle that touches bases with dozens of styles, from acid rock to musique concrète, from country to Stockhausen!”

"A chemist by training, Philippe Besombes was engaged in the French avant-garde scene from the early 1970s. Abandoning his doctoral degree for his pioneering work with new electronics in different musical contexts, he supported himself through the seventies creating the sounds for theater and ballet, and was a well-known audio engineer in the French contemporary concert scene. Perhaps best known for his group Hydravion, Besombes still records and releases music at his studio in Versailles. Conceived as the soundtrack (and, in fact, the ONLY sound in the movie) for the avant-garde film Libra, the music on this 1973 album ranges in style from electronic pop mixed with music concrete ala Parmegiani/Henry to psychedelic exercises, progressive rock, and fusion. The album includes a mix of rock musicians and electronic treatments, a very new way of working at that time."
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