Between - Einstieg vinyl lp (due to size and weight, for sale in the USA only)

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Reissue in high-quality form from the master tapes from the master tapes of the first album by this improvisational/folk/world music, formed in 1970 by Peter Michael Hamel, and actually featuring the soon to be world-wide famous classical star James Galway! Definitely of its time, but also something ahead of its time in how it blended a lot of musics that had never been blended before in 1970!

"The debut album by this multinational outfit, originally released by Wergo in 1971. A groundbreaking fusion of diverse sources and traditions: from ancient and medieval to avant garde, free improvisation or eastern meditation. A unique mixture that will blossom in their follow up And The Waters Opened. With Roberto Detree (guitar, motocello), Peter-Michael Hamel (piano, organ), Robert Eliscu (oboe, vocal), Cotch Black (percussion), Ulrich Stranz (viola) plus a young James Galway on flute. With 4-page insert."

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