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"When UK Prog Rockers Big Big Train released their last album “Grand Tour” in 2019, they had their sights set on international exploration, if not exactly domination. Branching out beyond the quintessentially English stories that defined previous albums, “Grand Tour”’s lyrics were primarily inspired by greater European history and the wonders of travelling. Unfortunately, their hopes of applying this ethos moving forward were held up by the global pandemic, which not only forced the band to cancel their first North American tour, but also caused splits within the band internally and geographically. Three long-standing members all departed over the course of 2020 and two of the remaining four members were bound to their home countries of Sweden and the USA. This left the band with no choice but to go full steam ahead into their next album, writing and producing remotely.
The result is “Common Ground”, which sees bandleaders David Longdon (Vocals, Flute) and Gregory Spawton (Bass, Bass Pedals) working together in the UK, with Rikard Sjöblom (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) andNick D’Virgilio (Drums, Vocals) sending songs and stems from their homes in Sweden and America, respectively. Traditionally, Longdon and Spawton have handled most of the storytelling, but Sjöblom and D’Virgilio have gradually been bringing in more musical ideas since joining, and they have now reached a point where they are fully integrated into the creative process. Despite being physically separated, there is as much collaboration on “Common Ground” between the four musicians as there would have been if they were all in the same studio.
Twelve years on from their breakthrough album “The Underfall Yard” and almost thirty years on from starting out as a side outlet for Spawton’s alternative musical musings, Big Big Train have now reached a point where they know their style and they know their audience... Still rooted in the longstanding strengths of Big Big Train, it results in a more diverse and ultimately satisfying album as the band continues to evolve."-Sonic Perspectives
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