Bleckmann, Theo - The Parsonage CD

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Theo Bleckmann - voice
Alicia Olatuja - voice
Dan Tepfer - piano
Erik Friedlander - cello
Carl Maraghi - bass clarinet
Sean Smith - bass
David Hajdu - words

“New York is a city of ghosts. An ordinary-looking building on an unexceptional street can harbor the spirits of countless human dramas of past years: family secrets, forgotten news, lost traditions, heroes unsung, artworks unseen...
If every building on every block has stories to tell, one place in particular has a history like no other. The inconspicuous four-story brick townhouse at 64 East 7th Street was at the heart of a long series of dramatic moments in New York's cultural history, from the day of the city's first major disaster through the Beat movement and the punk era to 21st-century gentrification.
The Parsonage gives musical voice to the varied lives of that single building over more than a hundred years. To express the wide variety of tales it holds, The Parsonage was created by a group of eight composers from the worlds of jazz, contemporary classical, and "post-classical" music: Darcy James Argue, Theo Bleckmann, Regina Carter, Ted Hearne, Kirk Nurock, Renee Rosnes, Sarah Kirkland Snider, and Dan Tepfer. The libretto is by the author and lyricist David Hajdu, who conceived the project and oversaw its creation and recording over a period of four years.”
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