Blegvad, Peter / Andy Partridge - Gonwards CD

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“The funky, wordy feel and variety of the tracks was unexpected, but the quirk and bent of it all was Blegvad. Perhaps to much reminiscent of structures and mechanisms of PB's earlier work, I was initially underwhelm on my first couple of unfocused run-throughs of the CD.
Why has it been in constant play then?
Intriguing imagery, fantastic music and production, and perhaps a meaner PB: On "What A Car You Are", I hear accusatory venom that reminded me of Diamanda Galas. There are other instances of poetic passive aggressiveness to be enjoyed too, all with a harder edge than I could have expected. But I like it. A delicate recoding that belies the spines that support its placid surface. PB & AP work very well together. If only there were more.”
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