Bley, Carla - Escalator Over The Hill 2 x CDs

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"There's no easy way to describe Escalator over the Hill, one of the most ambitious works in 20th century music and one that seems to sum up much of the creative energy that was loose between 1968 and 1972, when it was conceived, composed, and recorded. Beginning with a collection of Paul Haines's distinctive poems--brief, wittily surreal, sometimes aphoristic or elliptical--Carla Bley set out to arrange them as a continuous musical-theater piece, giving specific characters to them as well as melodies. In the process, she drew on available musical genres from Kurt Weill's theater music to free jazz and rock to create her own style, dispensing pieces among several instrumental groupings, from jazz orchestra to "hotel lobby band" to an electronic "phantom band." Bley then drew on an extraordinary collection of singers and musicians to realize the score, casting Jack Bruce and Linda Ronstadt as the lead voices, with appearances by jazz singers Sheila Jordan and Jeanne Lee. The soloists include Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri, Roswell Rudd, and Charlie Haden, while the fusion-oriented "Jack's traveling band" features Bruce and John McLaughlin. Bley's closing comment in the notes--"Anything not told, wasn't yet known"--is a fitting summary. Escalator's accomplishment is even more remarkable than its ambitions, creating syntheses of music and language that hadn't appeared before (and haven't since), and blazing a trail that few have had the creativity or energy to imagine following. As durable as it is visionary..."-Stuart Broomer
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