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Reed Wallsmith (alto saxophone, keys, percussion)
Joe Cunningham (tenor saxophone, keys, percussion)
Rebecca Sanborn (keyboards)
Jon Shaw (bass)
Ji Tanzer (drums)
James Powers (trombone on 3 & 4)
John Savage (flute on 3 & 4)
Nicole McCabe (clarinet on 3)
Timothy Young (guitar on 5)

Very strong return to usual form after their interesting, but still sideways turn with ‘Voices’, their vocal album. Recommended.

“Keeping a band together, particularly among the mercurial community of jazz musicians, is no small feat. Other gigs beckon. Life outside of making art takes precedence. It’s a reality that makes the continued existence and progression of Portland quintet Blue Cranes feel so momentous. The ensemble — saxophonists Reed Wallsmith and Joe Cunningham, drummer Ji Tanzer, keyboardist Rebecca Sanborn, and bassist Jon Shaw — has been working together in a variety of formats since 2004, creating a solid body of work that has connected them to both the traditional sounds and the future-minded artists of their chosen genre.”
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