Blum, John / Jackson Krall - Duplexity

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John Blum - piano
Jackson Krall - drums

“Relative Pitch Records celebrates its 100th release with a duo recording by Pianist John Blum and Drummer Jackson Krall.
John Blum is an underground legend of the downtown music scene in New York City, known for his high voltage pianism and as a musician who strives for the very personal. His stylistic antecedents are apparent: Boogie-woogie, Stride, Bebop and Free Jazz, but John has absorbed all of these styles to craft a unique voice that defies classification.
Jackson Krall has been a fixture in NYC since the 1970s, recording with many Jazz luminaries including Cecil Taylor and Marshall Allen.
Blum and Krall first played together over thirty years ago and since then have performed in an array of combinations, but this is their first release as a duo. When talents like this converge, the result is nothing short of alchemy.”
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