Bonilla, Marc - EE Ticket (special)

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This is the first album by guitarist Marc Bonilla who has played with a lot of different folks since this debut from 20 years ago (1991) and now, most notably with Keith Emerson in Keith's band (Keith appears here), Kevin Gilbert (who appears here) and doing film and tv work.

"Bonilla stands squarely in the post-Jimi Hendrix '70s tradition of Robin Trower, Ritchie Blackmore, and, especially, Jeff Beck. He can be fleet of finger (for example on "Hit and Run"), but he never goes for the kind of showoff speed that Eddie Van Halen delights in. Rather, he is ever mindful of melody and logical progression, steeped in the 1960s (there are stray references to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles), and always tasteful. His technique is assured, but it is never displayed for its own sake. In this sense, EE Ticket is reminiscent of such '70s Beck albums as Blow by Blow and Wired. Many fans of instrumental guitar rock will applaud that, but for those who have become infatuated with the sonic explorations of Satriani and Vai, this will sound old-school. Marc Bonilla comes to play, not to shred."-William Ruhlman/All Music Guide
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