Borderlands Trio - Rewilder 2 x CDs

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Stephan Crump: Acoustic Bass
Kris Davis: Piano
Eric McPherson: Drums

“With Kris Davis, Stephan Crump and Eric McPherson, the Borderlands Trio unites three great personalities who have grown together to form a trio full of the magic of their own sound and fine grooves. Brooklyn bassist Stephan Crump initiated the band and has kept it together for seven years. The two previous CD releases were praised by jazz critics. The band knows no rush. Developments build up cautiously, moods change slowly and intensify. This music takes its time to explore the subtle nuances of a patient and generous musical dialog. Rewilder, their new double album, is further proof that the classical piano trio in the hands of Stephan Crump, Kris Davis and Eric McPherson holds a world of vast possibilities, revealing the adventures of improvisation, the bliss of free play.”
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