Bradford, Bobby/Mark Dresser/Glenn Ferris - Live In LA

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Bobby Bradford, cornet / Mark Dresser, double bass / Glenn Ferris, trombone.

"This is a trio of living musical poets. Cornetist Bobby Bradford was the partner of John Carter until the death of this astonishing clarinetist and he played with giants like Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Charlie Haden and David Murray. Trombonist Glenn Ferris’ curriculum goes from the Don Ellis and Harry James big bands, the rock–jazz bands of Frank Zappa and Billy Cobham and to a multitude of other groups, including those of Tony Scott and Steve Lacy. Double Bassist Mark Dresser, one of the foremost players on the scene, has shared the bandstand with Anthony Braxton, Ray Anderson, John Zorn, Anthony Davis, Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano and many other artists. Bobby, Mark and Glenn came together in the middle-late 70’s through Bobby, who was (and is) a well respected figure head of the “creative music” LA scene. Bobby had his own club-concert room in Altadena California called the “Little Big Horn”. This is where they would join their creative forces with other musicians such as John Carter and James Newton. They had always talked about recording together but life took them to other places and dimensions. And time just passed by. In 2009, Glenn made a very rare visit to LA and contacted Bobby and Mark about finally getting some of their music documented. Glenn brought recording equipment with him and they let the tape roll: in the living room of trombonist-composer Bruce Fowlers house. Since several years now, Glenn video interviews musicians with one question.“What is beautiful music for you?”. You can hear the collective answer from Bobby, Mark and Glenn on this very beautiful and historically important recording."

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