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The great second album (of 3 great ones and then a number of not so great ones) by this Swiss band who operated in Germany and are thought of as being a 'krautrock' band and who were in terms of the music and the spirit, if not actually of German nationality. The music is somewhere between very trippy acid folk and harder edged psych moments which give a nice contrast.

"While the band's debut album, 1971's Cottonwoodhill, was a heavily acid-laden affair dominated by droning organ, disturbing vocals, and a collection of cacophonic sound effects (causing it to carry a warning label and be banned in several countries), for their second effort, band-founder Joël Vandroogenbroeck brought in a completely new line-up and changed the band's sound dramatically. While Psychonaut still takes listeners into the realm of altered consciousness -- making heavy use of a droning Hammond, sitar, tablas, etc. -- this time the vocals are more melodic and the music itself is more song-oriented. This is by far Brainticket's most accessible album and perhaps their most timeless. Fully remastered from the original master tapes."
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