Bruce, Jack / HR BigBand - More Jack Than Blues CD + DVD

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"He is an icon of the Rock world: the legendary song writer, bassist, pianist and singer Jack Bruce. In 2006 at the 37th German Jazz Festival Frankfurt, he joined forces with the hr-Bigband to perform a highly acclaimed concert, presenting classic Cream songs and other landmarks of his career in gripping new arrangements. It was a magic moment of dialogue between Jazz and Rock that roamed between composition, improvisation and vibrant, virtuoso performances. The hr-Bigband is one of the most innovative German jazz ensembles of our times. Its imaginative programmes, quality musicians and high-profile projects have raised the Big Band of the Hessischer Rundfunk (German Public Radio of Hesse) to the Champions League of large ensemble jazz music and has set new musical standards. From Swing to the Avant Garde, it covers the entire spectrum of Jazz, as well as crossing over into Classical, Pop and World music. Together, projects with talented young musicians and international stars, concerts performances, radio broadcasts and CD recordings make up what the hr-Bigband is today.The band's days as a »radio dance orchestra« have long past. Today, the hr-Bigband is a celebrated guest at numerous jazz festivals, and itself invites international jazz stars to perform, driving the development of Big Band music forward with commissions for compositions and arrangement. Thanks to their regular, intensive collaboration to create a tight, homogenous sound ensemble, the hr-Bigband's musicians are ready for any challenge.As the Chief Conductor of the hr-Bigband, Keller introduced a programme diversity and level of perfection that requires absolute dedication from his musicians. He has also managed to enhance his profile as an arranger with excellent adaptations. Despite his unbending perfectionism, he never forgets that for listeners to enjoy music, the musicians must enjoy playing."
1. Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune 04:11
2. Rope Ladder To The Moon 03:10
3. Spoonful 08:50
4. Smiles And Grins 07:13
5. Born Under A Bad Sign 03:50
6. Theme From An Imaginary Western 05:27
7. Milonga 05:45
8. The Consul At Sunset 04:32
9. We're Going Wrong 06:00
10. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 03:36
11. Sunshine Of Your Love 07:48
CD complete 60:24

1. Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune 05:05
2. Rope Ladder To The Moon 03:21
3. Spoonful 09:21
4. Smiles And Grins 07:41
5. Born Under A Bad Sign 03:58
6. Theme From An Imaginary Western 06:00
7. Milonga 05:53
8. The Consul At Sunset 04:59
9. We're Going Wrong 06:15
10. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 04:14
11. White Room 07:30
12. Sunshine Of Your Love 11:18
13. Waiting For The Call 07:48
DVD complete 83:23
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