California, Randy - Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds

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The sometimes loved/sometimes reviled first solo album by Randy California released at a time when I believe that Spirit had fallen apart.

"Kaptain Kopter and the Twirlybirds is a tribute to Hendrix; on KK&T Randy California not only manages to layer the Hendrix style over covers, "Day Tripper" and "The Mother and Child Reunion" and originals "Downer" and "Devil", he does it effortlessly. Instead of simply imitating Jimi's sound, he plays it as if he knows exactly what he's doing, instead of guessing at producing riffs here and there. The music is at times rough, other times fluid, and sometmes blistering; it can be listened to repeatedly for nuance, power and melody. The cover of "The Rain", a Beatles tune, slips into fusion, not long after, or during the advent of the hybrid of rock and jazz made its advent.
Legend has it that Hendrix took California into the studio once and taught Randy things about treble, volume and wah-wah that Jimi showed no other. Makes sense if you listen to it. The album is more than an oddity, it is a required delicacy in the collection of any serious rock music fan, now and forever."
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