Camembert - Negative Toe CD

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This is the second release by this 8 piece + guests band who get a very, very large sound that veers betweeen "The Grand Wazoo" type big band jazz/rock and a more chamber rock sound ala Five Storey Ensemble, Julverne, Aranis, etc. This gets a solid thumbs (and toes) up; highly recommended!!

"Strasbourg's eccentric and eclectic Zeuhl/avant garde/RIO "ensemble" (more like a small orchestra!) have produced a sequel to their 2011 "soundtrack" to an imaginary alien space invasion. The band has matured as both individual instrumentalists and as a cohesive collective. The sound engineering is amazing--one of the best I've ever heard-- and the story and even the masterfully crafted music continues to employ an extraordinarily high degree of humour. Five stars; definitely a masterpiece of modern progressive rock--though this album feels as if it belongs more on the Avant Garde/RIO spectrum than the Zeuhl they were associated with in their previous album. Great to have Pierre and company back! And mega-kudos to the engineering/production team! AMAZING sound reproduction!"-progarchives
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